‘= v15.5 = Release Date: December 15th, 2020

Out now: Yoast SEO 15.5! You can easily check if you are doing a great job in terms of the readability of your text when writing in Hungarian! Yoast SEO helps you produce a powerful piece of content that’s easy to read. It also gives you feedback on what to improve! Read more about what’s new in Yoast SEO 15.5 in [our release post](https://yoa.st/release-15-5)!


* Improves and expands Hungarian language support:
* Improves keyphrase recognition and internal linking by filtering function words such as ‘harmadik’, ‘tiétek’, and ‘valaki’.
* Improves the transition words assessment.
* Adds the passive voice assessment.
* Adds the consecutive sentences assessment to ensure variety in a text.
* Removes the Open Graph and Twitter author metadata on pages and other non-post post types.
* Adds breadcrumb Schema to the homepage.


* Fixes a bug where network-wide settings about the Enhanced Slack Sharing feature would not be saved.
* Fixes a bug where translations on the Search Appearance pages would be missing.
* Fixes a bug where subsites in a multisite network could have an enabled feature toggle for the `Usage tracking` feature, even though subsites never send tracking data.
* Fixes a bug where the Yoast SEO dashboard widget would still fetch data even when the dashboard itself was hidden.
* Fixes a bug where the TinyMCE editor on term edit pages would not load correctly when using WordPress 5.6.


* Removes support for the Facebook App ID, as Facebook has indicated this feature is deprecated on their side.
* Adds a notification that tells the user to install and activate the Yoast SEO Multilingual plugin when the WPML plugin is installed and activated.

= v15.4 =
Introduces a seamless integration of Yoast SEO content analysis into the Elementor editor.
Makes it possible to recognize forms of keyphrases in Arabic when they are preceded by certain multi-letter prefixes, e.g. والقبعة ,فسحرية, or وبالمفتاح.
Fixes a bug where post-sitemap.xml would cause a fatal error when the filter post_link required a WP_Post object. Props to stodorovic.
Fixes a bug where the core default_hidden_columns filter would be broken. Props to thomasmb.
Fixes a bug where memory could be exhausted on the page overview for users with a large number of pages.
Fixes a bug where an ArgumentCountError would be thrown on the Search Appearance settings page when using PHP 8.0.
Fixes a bug where disabling the tracking network-wide in a multisite environment did not automatically disable tracking on the sites in the network.
Fixes a bug where tracking would send partial data.
Provides YoastSEO->helpers->options->get_title_separator() as an alternative for the previously removed get_title_separator method.
Adds a wpseo_previously_used_keyword_active filter to deactivate the Previously Used Keyword analysis assessment.

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### Enhancement:
– Added the address to the output of the local pickup option in WooCommerce.
– Move Local Blocks to their own category.
– Remove redundant version parameters from the asset URLs.
– Improved the preview with real address data when available.
### Bug fixes:
– Show correct permalink structure when there is a prefix to the %post_name%.
– Fixes a bug where “google is not defined” error was thrown in the console when not using a map in the Store Locator.
– Fixes a bug where no plugin icon and compatibility data would be displayed on the plugins update screen.
### Other:
Disables Local SEO in the Elementor editor as compatibility for Local SEO has not been implemented yet.
Improves security by improving input validation and output escaping in the opening hours widget.

Download Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium v13.8 for WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Changelog

### Bugfixes:
– Fixes a bug where no plugin icon and compatibility data would be displayed on the plugins update screen.
### Enhancements:
Makes the Schema Product type filterable.
Shows the price and availability of a product in its snippet when sharing the product on Slack.
### Other:
– We’ve tested with WooCommerce 4.5. Everything works as expected!

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### Enhancements:
* Wraps text fields in the XML sitemap in CDATA blocks, which prevents weird XML- and HTML entities from breaking the sitemap.
* Improves the copy for the disable Video checkbox in the Video SEO meta box.
* When a post already has a Facebook image, don’t output the video image / still.



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